Water-Energy-Food Security Nexus Conference (WEFSNE)

(16 - 17 February 2016)


The inextricably linked Water-Energy-Food Security Nexus is now gaining the much required attention & consensus of both political and technical experts, as demonstrated at World Water Day 2014. As per the UN Food & Agriculture (FAO) Report, agriculture accounts for 70 percent of total global freshwater withdrawals, making it the largest user of water. Water is used for agricultural production, forestry and fishery, along the entire agri-food supply chain, and it is used to produce or transport energy in different forms. At the same time, food production and supply chain accounts for 30 percent of total energy consumed globally. Energy is required to produce, transport and distribute food as well as to extract, pump, lift, collect, transport and treat water. Cities, industry and other users claim increasingly more water, energy and land resources, resulting in environmental degradation and in some cases, resource scarcity. Understanding the complex relationship between water, energy and food systems has become critically important to the development of a sustainable and secure future for all nations. This was clearly highlighted at the Bonn 2011 nexus conference held in the preparation for the United Nations (UN) Rio +20 Conference. With this in mind, NUST and the United States Embassy in Islamabad are sponsoring a conference to increase understanding of the interlinkages in water, energy, and agriculture and focus on trade-offs and synergies. The conference takes a nexus approach to facilitate the development of sustainable strategies to help ensure food, water, and energy security by enhancing resource use efficiency and encouraging greater policy coherence.

Conference Main Themes:

  • Increase understanding of the interlinkages in the water, energy, and food security nexus.
  • Challenges & Opportunities in the Nexus Approach.
  • Welcome to all of the guys
  • Focusing on trade-offs and synergies using a nexus approach for development of sustainable strategies to help ensure food, water, and energy security.

Objectives of the Conference:

  • Explore ongoing research and innovations in the water-energy-food security nexus in Pakistan.
  • Provide a platform for an exchange of ideas between U.S. and Pakistani experts, as well as key stakeholders in their fields.
  • Create a web-based platform for participants to share relevant research, commentary, and networking information.


SCEE Auditorium National University of Sciences & Technology (NUST) H-12 Sector, Islamabad

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